Maintaining Mindfulness in the Midst of Obsession

Do you find your mind straying back to him?

Wondering “How he could do that?”

“How could he get away with it?”

“How did I miss the red flags in his behavior?”

Do you find it hard to concentrate on your work and move forward with your life, because your mind keeps cycling back to him and the relationship?

Are you losing sleep replaying conversations you had with him, obsessing about where you went wrong?

Do you want to move forward and heal your life, but feel these thoughts are holding you back?

Take heart – there is hope for healing.  You are not alone.

Intrusive thoughts and obsessions are the number one complaint in recovering from the aftermath of Pathological Love Relationships.

As you learn to manage your thinking, you will reduce obsessive thoughts about the relationship and reduce anxiety.

This therapeutic set includes three pieces – 1 e-book and 2 audio CDs.

The e-book teaches you:

  • how the mind operates
  • what anxiety and pathological relationships does to the thinking process
  • how Mindfulness can relieve your symptoms

The 1st CD contains exercises to increase Mindfulness and reduce intrusive thoughts and obsessions.

The 2nd CD contains Mindfulness Chimes to remind you to be Mindful.

Break the cycle and begin your healing now.


Listen to an audio clip.

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