Crash Course Box I


Crash Course Box I

The Institute, the leading expert in Pathlogical Love Relationships has put together a comprehensive approach to these unique and dangerous relationships.

  • The book ‘How to Spot a Dangerous Man’ (Retail $14.95)
  • The workbook ‘How to Spot a Dangerous Man’ (Retail $9.95)
  • The desktop reference book ‘Counseling Victims of Violence’ (Retail $19.95)
  • The e-book ‘Women Who Love Psychopaths’ 2nd Edition (Retail $24.95)
  • The CD Collection of 7.5 HOURS of training by Sandra (Retail $80.00)
  • Understanding & Healing From Pathological Relationships 2.5 HOUR PowerPoint Presentation (use it in group, use it for community lectures and presentations, use it to train other therapists)–Your CHOICE: the regular community version or the Christian community version
  • Our 1 Hour Long Guided Relaxation CD (Retail $40)

We’ll also add a complimentary gift of:

  • The e-book ‘How to Break Up From a Pathological Relationship’ ($9.95)

With the Crash Course Box you are ready to work with survivors:

  • In individual coaching
  • Materials from which to run group
  • Work with survivors about pathological parenting issues
  • Assist survivors in terminating their pathological relationships
  • Utilize a desktop reference book for coaching issues

and more!

The package includes 3 print books, 7 CD’s, a PowerPoint, a guided relaxation CD, and 3 e-books for $150 plus shipping/handling.

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