Personality Traits of Women in Relationships with Cluster B/Psychopathic Males

purdueDouglas B. Samuel, Department of Psychological Sciences, Purdue University

Sandra L. Brown, MA, and Jennifer Young, LMHC, The Institute for Relational Harm Reduction

Thank you so much for turning out in such big numbers to have your ‘Super Traits’ recognized! We ended up utilizing a whopping 600 women for the study! The findings have been tabulated and Purdue and The Institute are working on the write up of the findings right now.

The findings will be posted by The Institute and also submitted to professional journals on personality science for publication.  We will keep you updated as the information becomes available.

If you are interested in participating in further research, assessments, surveys and other forms of study that The Institute may be involved in related to Pathological Love Relationships, stay tuned to our website and newsletter where research opportunities will be posted.