Your Path To Recovery

The aftermath of pathological love relationships is like none other. The devastation and the unique symptoms that people experience are not widely understood by women’s organizations and mental health professionals.

The Institute, the leading experts in both research and treatment for the aftermath of pathological love relationships, offers our highly effective and uniquely specialized approach toward your recovery through our ‘Path to Recovery’ program.

All of our services will provide you with a comprehensive understanding of personality disorders and the specific relational dynamics that have impacted you.  Whether you choose tele-counseling/coaching or a retreat, you will receive information about personality disorders. Our services are described in detail here, on the website. Each description of services has specific instructions on what to do next. If something isn’t listed here, it isn’t available at this time.

Due to the nature of the pathology that we deal with, we do not do business via telephone based on the historical problems we’ve experienced in the past. We do not have a public phone number nor staff who respond via telephone. The only phone calls that we do are conducted via scheduled appointments following the application process for a specific type of service and for clients who have been approved for services. All these upfront steps are done via email and online platforms.

Once you have an idea of which of our services you feel best fits your schedule and budget, you will need to take the next steps in the application process for the type of services you are interested in. As part of our recent redesign for process improvements, most of our beginning processes are now available online. Before you email us, check to see if what you want has instructions with a link to complete an application, enroll, etc. If you email us for something that is available online, you will be directed back to the relevant web page. If you email about a service, you will need to tell us which of our services you are interested in. Telling us a bit of “your story” aligns with every other inquiry we get so be specific in what you are asking for.

Applications for healing through The Institute include a self-assessment of your current situation regarding emotional, physical, spiritual, legal, parental, sexual aspects, and the most problematic symptoms you are experiencing. The Institute’s mental health professionals will review your self-assessment to determine if our counseling/coaching and/or retreat approaches are the right mix for your current emotional needs.

Current Services

An Affordable Recovery Program:  At this time, the Affordable Recovery Program is comprised of the Living Recovery Program which was developed for those who have suffered serious financial impact and need efficient and affordable pathology education and trauma survivor support.  For those who cannot afford the time and cost of traveling to a retreat or a 1:1, or for whom weekly tele-counseling is not currently an option, our Living Recovery Program offers trauma-specific and cost effective intervention through our on-line course.

We will be adding online seminars in the future and they will be announced here and in the weekly Newsletter when they become available.

Tele-coaching: Tele-coaching is one-on-one phone sessions with our Director of Clinical Services who is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor. ( Sandra does not do tele-coaching sessions or phone consultations.) It includes pathology education, relational dynamics, symptom management, healing techniques and strategies for co-parenting.  Once the application process has been completed and a time slot becomes available, these high demand one hour tele-coaching sessions are private and can be scheduled at a mutually convenient time. (Tele-coaching sessions are not scheduled on an emergency basis; please allow several weeks for a slot to open up.)

If you wish to apply for tele-coaching, you can do so by completing the required documents online . You will need to create a login and password unless you are already enrolled in the Living Recovery online course or have participated in other presentations we’ve offered through Ruzuku. In that case, you should use your existing login credentials.

Retreats: Retreats are small groups of survivors or one-on-one intensives with Sandra that are held several times throughout the year and are hosted by our staff at our Retreat Center.  The goal of the retreats is to provide information on personality disorders, the relational dynamics, and specific healing techniques.  Most retreats are five days. To learn more about the various retreats, dates, locations and details, visit Retreat Schedule, Descriptions and How to Apply.

Support group counseling/coaching: There are no tele-support groups scheduled at this time.

Begin Your Path to Recovery

You can begin your Path to Recovery by learning more about the services we offer from the links provided above.

Service Prices

You may mix and match services for your particular needs.

Support groups $80 for 4 weekly sessions
Tele-coaching $75 per hour
Retreats $750 and up


What You Need To Know

We cannot provide emergency services:

  • We are not an emergency-based program which requires the ability of an organization to see someone face-to-face during crisis. We do not provide what is considered counseling or therapy; therefore, those with an emergency need should seek the services of a mental health professional in their area.
  • While we do our best to respond to emails/inquiries within 48 hours, we do so on a first-come, first-served basis. However, if you are in crisis, are physically unsafe, or emotionally crashing, you should first seek services in your local community prior to approaching The Institute.
  • Our services focus on the aftermath of a pathological relationship and this includes recovery from the symptoms that occur.  If you are still in the relationship, we are unable to assist you because we are limited to working over the phone.  Your safety is our concern and if you are in a dangerous relationship, please seek help from your local domestic violence shelter or clinical professional.
  • We are not a ‘non-profit’. The Institute charges for services and we strive to keep our pathology-related assistance affordable for most people. Keep in mind that our staff is uniquely qualified to deal with pathological love relationships and our program is the only existing program of its kind. You can read staff bios on the website.
  • The exact cost of your recovery will be determined by the kinds of assistance you need.