Free and Low Cost Services

The Institute offers a number of free and low cost services/products for survivors.

Free Services

Weekly Newsletter: Our extensive knowledge of pathology comes via a gratis weekly newsletter/article format by email. These articles are written by various talents at The Institute and periodically, by experts in the field covering topics that are related to recovery.  The newsletter includes articles written by Sandra L. Brown, MA. and Jennifer Young, L.M.H.C. regarding insights, tools, and techniques for recovery that are survivor-focused and pathology-oriented. Indexes of all of Sandra‘s and Jennifer’s columns include articles that have been published over the last several years and are available on the website.

Article Archives: As an extra bonus, you can find additional columns written by Sandra L. Brown, MA. on Psychology Today, Times Up! Crime Victim’s Blog, as well as many other well-known websites across the internet.

Documentaries and Interview Archives: Our website houses links to clips or entire features from various radio and TV shows, documentaries, and educational films in which Sandra and/or Jennifer appeared.

Blog Talk Radio Show: Our Blog Talk Radio Show (external link) covers a variety of topics about pathology and recovery. Shows are archived and readily available, free via the web for listening at your leisure.

Social Media: Look for us on Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram. We have a public page on facebook, The Institute for Relational Harm Reduction, (external link) on which we post multiple times a week. We also sponsor and provide support via closed and “secret”, members-only groups on facebook. We accept new members as we deem appropriate.

Miscellaneous Services: Periodically, The Institute offers tele-seminars, tele-conferencing, and online discussions on related topics. Some of these are hosted by other websites or social media groups to discuss issues related to pathology. Announcements of these events are made via the weekly Newsletter.

Low Cost Services

Some of our products and services are not free, but are very budget friendly. This includes our e-books, quizzes, print books, and other products that start as low as $7.95.  Additionally, we offer a monthly special on select products. These specials are presented in the Newsletter and are also available for purchase from the home page of our website.

The Affordable Recovery Program is a compilation of on-line services which are offered at affordable prices that can be accessed from the comfort of your own home.  The Affordable Recovery Program is comprised of  the Living Recovery Program, an online class that you can access as your schedule allows, and online seminars addressing specific topics.