Refunds and Exchanges – Product Order Policy

PLEASE CONTACT US BEFORE FILING A COMPLAINT WITH PAYPAL. We work hard to address any and all problems that are within our control and it is much faster to resolve a problem directly with us.

First, though, check the Product FAQ for answers to the most frequently asked questions.

DO NOT reply to the receipt that is emailed to you! It is generated through an automated messaging system and will not be seen by anyone.

Our product order policies are:

  • It is your responsibility to make back up copies of the e-products you have purchased. We are not responsible for unsaved e-products or products that are lost due to circumstances beyond our control. Instructions on how back up e-products are provided on this webpage. 
  • We do not provide instructions on how to save products that are not Microsoft Windows based. It is up to you to know how to work with the device that you have.
  • All questions about or with product orders should be emailed to Product Orders through the Contact Us form in the right hand sidebar. When writing to us about an order:
    • be sure to include your name
    • what product did you order?
    • include the Paypal email address that was used for the purchase
    • tell us what the problem is

Living Recovery Program

The Living Recovery Program is a GUIDED progression of education with our model-of-care elements that will help survivors practice self-care and recovery techniques.

Some of the material should sound familiar to you as our model-of-care is explained in our other materials. The additional discussions in each lesson (Introductions) combined with other materials and links to audios and videos, as well as the monthly tele-conference calls guide you through a more in-depth study. The introduction to each lesson correlates the relationship that pathological behaviors have on the survivor, your symptoms, your brain, etc. These are NOT conclusions that will be drawn by most people by merely reading our other material.

Some of the material, particularly in Series 1, is intended as review to delve more deeply into principles associated with the concepts. Each progressive Series (2, 3, & 4) continues to unpack more materials, links to entire manuals, techniques, worksheets, assessments, etc. that are not otherwise available on our website or in other materials.  To get the more indepth materials, you will need to stay with the entire program since it is progressive and builds off concepts that are presented in Series 1.

Because of how the Ruzuku platform is laid out and how the subscription and access to the site is set up, we cannot issue refunds as access to the lessons has already been granted. If you don’t wish to continue, that is certainly up to you, However, since you already have log in credentials, refunds cannot be issued.