Media Requests

We only provide book reviews, endorsement considerations, or book jacket blurbs for books that are  related to our subjects of Pathology, Cluster B Disorders, or Psychopathy and books that are quoting The Institute’s books, products, or services. Since we have a limited amount of time, those utilizing our material are those that require our attention and approval. For that reason, books that are incorporating at least 100 words or more of our material will be considered for book reviews.

Additionally, those whose books have already acquired a publisher, or those books that are 2nd books or more for authors will be considered.

Quoting Guidelines: Authors please be aware of what constitutes copyright infringement. It is not our responsibility to educate writers who are utilizing our information about when they have crossed the line. It’s your responsibility to understand quoting etiquette as well as copyright guidelines and law. You can Google copyright to read more.

The Institute utilizes an outsourced Infringement Monitoring company who has copyright software that continually scans the internet for the use of our material. Scanning includes not only word-for-word verbatim usage, but minimally altered usage as well.

When referencing our books, please list as:

Last Name, credentials, First Name, Middle Initial of author, name of book, year published, The Institute for Relational Harm Reduction & Public Pathology Education, URL

Referencing is not the same as gaining written permission to quote when utilizing 250 words or more.

Please contact Hunter House Publishing for permissions on How to Spot a Dangerous Man and/or Counseling Victims of Violence.

Please contact The Institute for permissions on other books and products.

For all interviews: Please email us directly through the Contact Us form using the Media Request from the drop down.