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l spent a decade co-parenting with a person who shows many symptoms of  a pathologically disordered person.

It took me long years before I came across Sandra’s book “Women Who Love Psychopaths”, which, as the first book to specifically focus on the needs of the victims with disordered partners, I believe, literally saved my life and became the basis of my search for further information. Surprisingly, in academia l found no well researched psychological work on the cognitive, social and biological processes in connection with the victims of psychopaths. I feel that because of my own experience and background in psychology, it is my privilege and opportunity to help others by taking part in academic research on this neglected but important subject. I will be working closely with the Institute, as l believe Sandra’s 25 years of therapeutic work with victims of psychopaths is an excellent base from which to do academic research on this subject.

For the benefit of victims and researchers it is important that academic psychological research be carried out on victims of psychopaths. It is from research that Sandra believes the focused treatment model of care is further developed for survivors.

I have been accepted as a postgraduate psychology student to investigate the effects of having a close relationship with disordered partners.  This research which will support The Institute’s research initiatives can only be done with financial support. We can do it together, please donate to make it happen! Thank you.

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