Counseling Victims Of Violence

Counseling Victims of Violence

Desktop Reference Book For Human Service Workers

This Quick-Glance desk top reference book helps human service workers of all kinds find immediate information on various types of victimization and the corresponding counseling issues.

Victimizations and counseling approaches from cyber-stalking to homicide, from child abuse to terrorism is laid out in an easy to use format.

At a Glance you will be able to see:

  • What are the crisis counseling issues likely to be?
  • What kinds of secondary victimizations are likely?
  • What kinds of social services would be needed in this case?
  • What kinds of resources, books, websites and national organizations can I refer them to?
  • What are the short term counseling issues likely to be if I continue working with them?
  • What are the long term counseling issues likely to be and what resources are available?

Also included are recommend books and clinical references for those that might like more education on the victimization topic.

Price: $19.95  plus shipping/handling.

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