Retreat Descriptions

Retreat 2009 Descriptions

Retreats are 5 days/ 4 nights and include brand new beautiful accommodations, your workshop training with two coaches, any handouts, Asheville airport pick up and drop off.  test

Reducing the Emotional Affects of a Pathological Parent on Children’

Rebecca P. a children’s Behavioral Analyst is helping YOU learn how to reduce the negative effects of the pathologicals parenting on your child! She will help you develop a personalized behavior plan just for your children. Learn how to protect your child from the long term devastation of pathological parenting and how to quickly bring your child back to equilibrium after visits. STOP allowing your child to be a PAWN! Learn:

  • The 4 functions of Behavior
  • The 7 Parental Mistakes
  • Skills to Increase Cooperation
  • Developing Your Child’s Unique Behavior Plan
  • And much more!

(Sorry, limited to 6 participants only!)

Moving on: Advanced Approaches to Healthier Relationships’

To get more, you have to be more. This retreat will help you promote your own advancement for living and developing a higher functioning life without the pathological/ abusive man.

  • Increasing your joy of this present moment–learning to manage intrusive thoughts
  • Practical methods of achieving your personal and relationship goals
  • Increasing hope for your future
  • Developing healthier life skills through self examination and establishing your own future lifestyle choices on ‘How to Spot a Healthy Relationship’

Taught by the Cheryl, our resident ‘Positive Motivational Trainer’ — she will rewire your view of your life and potential to have you excited to move forward in your own recovery!

Sandra will lead groups on managing ‘hang over’ symptoms such as intrusive thoughts and more.

Healing the Aftermath of Pathological Love Relationships’

This is our hallmark retreat focused on helping you understand the dynamics of your relationship, pinpoint your super traits as to why you were attracted to and tolerant of pathological people, and what you need to do in order to heal.

  • Identifying personality disorders
  • Hard-wiring of pathology
  • Understanding intense attachment to pathologicals
  • Bad Relationship Choices
  • How to break up and stay gone!

We ran this retreat all year long in 2008! Always a great seller and a great healer! Come join, Carol, one of The Institute’s first support care coaches who have been with The Institute for quite a while. She leads her own Dangerous Man workshops, groups, and coaching! (This retreat will also be taught through out the year by other Institute Faculty) Sandra will lead a few of the groups as well.

(Sorry, limited to 6 participants only!)

‘Boundaries for Pathological Relationship Prevention’

At the heart of what contributed to ending up in a pathological love relationship is the absence of healthy and consistent boundaries. From our research, every person in pathological relationships ended up there because of a lapse in boundaries or the absence of them to begin with. The first foundation of recovering is establishing boundaries.

  • What are they?
  • Are you selfish for having them?
  • How to you have healthy boundaries without becoming a bully.
  • How are boundary violators LOOKING FOR you because of your weak boundaries?
  • Develop healthy boundaries with your family, friends, work and partners
  • What kind of boundary violations do pathological use? Then how do they ‘up’ their violations from there?

Never be targeted again based on your lack of boundaries! A MUST WORKSHOP for every woman healing from
pathological relationships. If you don’t have this, you won’t have healthy relationships. Enjoy the group process, journaling, role playing, and DVD training series as
well! Taught by various Institute Faculty members.

How to Spot a Dangerous Partner’

Dangerousness is not just violence — it’s getting involved with someone who has a permanent personality disorder with the inability to sustain change or develop insight.

  • What are the EIGHT types of pathologicals?
  • How can you learn to spot them?
  • Why is pathology so destructive to normal people?
  • What are the signs of a bad dating choice?
  • What in your HISTORY has made you prone to selecting and be targeted by dangerous people?

Taught by our own Rachele M., a Life Coach & Trainer, you will come away with a clear understanding of pathology, dangerous partners, how to spot and how to leave! Sandra will lead the groups on Formation of Pathology in others.

‘Moving Beyond the Pain of Intrusive Thoughts from Pathological Relationships’

Taught by Sallie H, she will explain how painful intrusive thoughts, obsessions about him, the relationship, and cognitive dissonance all entrap women within cycles of conflictive thinking about her pathological mate. The number one complaint by women is the inability to control her intrusive and obsessive thoughts. She can often hold both thoughts of awe and dread simultaneously creating enormous anxiety for her. Other forms of treatment may be been ineffective in helping her stop thinking about him in loving and longing ways. She is trapped between reality and fantasy unable to free her self. This retreat willaddress methods that help to:

  • Move beyond the pain of conflictive thinking
  • Discover ways and methods to overcome intrusive, plaguing, and debilitative thoughts
  • Develop Maintenance Program for mental soundness
  • Learn Spiritual Insights for peace

$550 per person. Payment plans available.

Retreats are 5 days/ 4 nights and include brand new beautiful accommodations, your workshop training with two coaches, any handouts, Asheville airport pick up and drop off.

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