Women Who Love Psychopaths – 2nd. Ed. – Print


Women Who Love Psychopaths – 2nd Edition

The first book EVER written about the women who have loved psychopathic men! What are your temperament traits that have contributed to being attracted to, and tolerant of, the most dangerous of people?

Sandra has done it again! She has rewritten the Women Who Love Psychopaths Book (an already Award Winning Book) to include some of the newest and most compelling evidence on Neuro-science and what brain differences actually exist in borderlines, narcissists, anti-social, sociopaths, and psychopaths. From brain region mal-formations to brain circuitry and brain chemical differences, these new sections of the book will blow away any theories about this being merely ‘willful behavior’ on his part!

Additionally, lots of new information about recovery and treatment that came right from The Institute’s own Model of Care Approach we designed that is being implemented in psychiatric hospitals. From the last few years of treating survivors, we now have a clear and compelling approach to recovery.

And learn even MORE fascinating aspects of why Sandra believes these relationships are highly connected to trance, hypnotic inductions and your own high suggestibility! Find out what you need to do to protect yourself from entrancem.

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“I am an avid reader and I have never come across any better material than what is on your site…it is all unique and in nearly every single issue, I feel like I am reading about myself.

Never before have I read such outstanding material that describes my situation, so much material I have gone through and none of it addresses the issues that The Institute does, such as the physical ramifications of stress, the PTSD, what to actually DO in the case of PTSD and following, most of all how to live your life after PTSD (helped me SO much, the articles about Living the Gentle life, don’t know what I would have done without those articles!). Also helpful are the characteristics of a psychopathic/narcissistic husband or and the need to leave.

I often forward some of the articles to my friends and my daughters because they are so good and SO accurate as to what I have gone through. I want my daughters to be AWARE of what type men to avoid. Thanks so much for The Institute emails!I cant thank you enough!” ~Annie

How to Spot a Dangerous Man Before You Get Involved

What IS the Dangerous Man Book?

  • 8 Categories of Dangerous Men
  • Signs and Symptoms
  • Red Flags
  • Checklists
  • Your Own Sabotaging Behaviors
  • Why Women Date More Than One Dangerous Man
  • The Profiles of the Women They Seek







Recommendation by Steve Garufi, LPC from Cairn Counseling

Book Review by WomensSelfEsteem.com

Book Review by Fitnessbookmix.com

Also included are recommend books and clinical references for those that might like more education on the victimization topic.

GirlfriendBooks.com’s Interview with Sandra

GirlfriendBooks.com recently wrote an article about the book and interviewed Sandra.  Here is the lead-in from the article:

Attn: Single Women

Before that date tonight, you might want to head over to the bookstore and read up on who you could be meeting: a Dangerous Man.  Sandra L. Brown, M.A., will tell you all about him in How to Spot a Dangerous Man Before You Get Involved.

Although we are a married bunch here at Girlfriendbooks, we still clearly remember our single days. Luckily, we managed, without this book, to marry non “dangerous” men; although now that we reflect, we are quite certain a few of these “dangerous” men crossed our paths.  (It definitely explains one heartbreak in college.)

To our single girlfriends, do yourself a favor, and read this book.  This is not your average self-help.  Sandra L. Brown, M.A. knows from years of experience what she is talking about.  She could save you from intense therapy, or, possibly, save your life.

Read the rest of the article including the interview with Sandra

Listen to an Audio Excerpt

Click here to listen to Sandra read the book introduction.

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How to Spot a Dangerous Man Before You Get Involved Workbook: A Survival Guide for Women

The workbook is a companion piece to the main book How to Spot a Dangerous Man and is also designed to be used with the workshops, as well. The workbook is a mini-coaching session in which you will dip deeply into your past from childhood through your teen years, and into your adulthood looking for information about your personalized patterns of selection in relationships. You can’t change what you don’t see!

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