About The Institute

The Institute is a rapidly growing body of people seeking to impact public education surrounding issues related to pathology, personality disorders, and psychopathy.


This growing body are survivors—women, men and their children who have sustained psychological injury because of someone else’s pathology. The only way to give meaning to the horror they lived is to find a ‘voice’ from which they teach others.

The body is also:

  • mental health professionals (who may or may not also be survivors) who desire training so they can impact public education in their own agencies, private practices and the clients they serve about the dangers of pathology.
  • addiction professionals (who may or may not also be survivors) who see the correlation between impulse control problems, addictions, and sometimes the addition of pathology and who are seeking additional training so they can successfully intervene.
  • marriage and family therapist and social workers who seek skills to be able to discern those relationships that are capable of change and those persons permanently marred by pathology whose continuation with others in a relationship is likely to seriously harm the partner.
  • attorneys looking for information on how best to build effective cases for survivors of pathologicals, high conflict cases, and for the children who need to escape them.
  • other court personnel—judges, child custody evaluators, prosecutors, Guardian Ad Litem attorneys seeking to better identify the manipulative court behavior of the most disordered and dangerous of people and to not be conned by it.
  • child therapists and child behavioral analysts who help parents’ alleviate the damage done to children by the pathological parent, how to recognize and deal with ‘Parental Alienation Syndrome’ and to learn skills to help their children heal.
  • criminal justice professionals who want to learn how to use public education to stop the cycle of victimization because they are tired of watching a sick system not impact the next generation of the pathological’s ‘unsuspecting victims’.
  • pathology, psychopathy, and violence researchers looking how to donate the information they find to an organization who can teach what they find to others. They recognize the critical need for the public to understand that one of the biggest social and health issues that we face is related to pathology and psychopathy in our midst.
  • psychologists and psychiatrists who recognize that much of ‘theory’ related to psychology is missing a puzzle piece which is the issue of personality disorders, pathology, and it’s affect on others.
  • chaplains and community outreach workers who recognize that the most under-served populations are those at most risk of higher exposure to pathology. Those include women in jail, prison, and those being raised in the projects or poverty.
  • domestic violence workers who recognize that all abusers are not created equal. There are the abusers capable of education, treatment and change and there are those that are marred by pathology who cannot change and who pose the greatest lethality risk for the women who love them.
  • youth pastors and youth counselors looking for a tool and a voice for the next generation about ‘junk culture,’ ‘players’ and ‘hook ups’ – often euphemisms for pathological behavior.
  • the curious—the media, the sensationalistic culture that seeks the dramatic storylines that befall the relationships encased in pathology. The next book, TV show, or headline that tells the life and death of the person who didn’t recognize their lover was pathological until it ‘was too late’–the sad stories of Lacy, Stacy and Nicole. The pain and blood of others becomes nightly entertainment feeding a culture raised and fed on pathology—junk music, daytime TV that normalizes abnormal behavior, and celebrity stars that show off their pathology like some sort of bling.

This is who The Institute is….a body of believers in the root ‘cause’ that most relational harm is the issue of pathology. It is this body who becomes the ‘voice’ of education through our training and systematic development of products that helps ‘Each one, Teach one.’

Whether they are an adult survivor or a teen survivor—support group training and public speaking opportunities can be taught to them. Whether they are a social worker or mental health professional, they can receive certification to use our Model of Care in their work. Whether they are judges or prosecutors—they can learn how relational health is affected by pathology. Whether they are certified Relationship Coaches or Life Coaches, they can be trained to add the dynamic of helping survivors heal.

This is the educational arm of The Institute that reaches wide to train all because in the end, anyone and everyone can ‘Each one, Teach one’ and then the world will know.

Supportive Care Program

An ongoing deficit for survivors is the sheer lack of trained and available support on all skill levels—peer support, support groups, individual coaching, healthy relationships coaching, 28 day supportive care programs, and other short term treatment options. Therefore The Institute is not only widely involved in education for all, but offers our own faculty-trained pathology experts for Supportive Care. Survivors can receive assistance by phone coaching, email support, teleconferencing groups, 1:1 individual support, coaching in person, by phone, or in retreat format.

Our faculty can also provide supportive care for those whose issues are related to their early childhood parenting by a pathological. Many of those who were raised by pathologicals go on to date/marry/or have children with pathologicals.

Survivors can use our e-books, books, workbooks, workbooks, CDs, MP3s, or DVDs as their recovery tools or to supplement their Supportive Care by our team. The Institute offers the most comprehensive recovery tools for healing the aftermath of pathological relationships than any other organization.

Our faculty includes Institute-trained licensed mental health counselors, relationship addiction professionals, criminal justice professionals, spiritually-based services, and Relationship & Life Coaches.

The Institute has worked diligently at developing products and services to meet the aftermath of need following pathological love relationships or pathological parenting. We look forward to bringing the country up to speed on one of the top public health crisis’ of our day—pathology. Thank you for being part of the solution. ‘Each one, Teach One.’

Sandra L. Brown, M.A., CEO, The Institute, Psychotherapist and Author